Thursday, May 6, 2010

I was so busy making cookies for my mom for Mother's Day that I didn't have time to do a "Thursday's Blog" for today. Sorry about that! On the bright side, I finished the cookies (finally!!) and took pictures, so I'll be blogging about those in the near future. Next time I decide to make fancy cookies, someone remind me that it took me all day to make these.

Lulu's birthday is next week, but we'll be celebrating with her grandparents on Saturday, so I'll be pulling out the cupcake pans today or tomorrow. She wants some to be plain yellow cake, and some to be yellow cake with mini chocolate chips. Then some will have vanilla frosting and some will have chocolate. So basically, four different types of cupcakes. I'll be sure to take pictures!

Buddy has some major excitement going on today - but I'm going to wait to tell you when I have pictures to share. It's a BIG deal and we're very proud of him. He's so excited, I don't think he slept last night!

Lulu's last final is today - and it's the hardest one. But when it's over, she will have officially finished her first year of college. Yay!! We're very proud of her, too.

Gus & I are going to the mall on Friday - and I'm hitting the MAC store. I've got enough empties to get two free products. Woot! We're also picking up Lulu's birthday gift (she's getting an iPod Touch) - and maybe, just maybe, Gus will take me to The Cheesecake Factory. I have a pair of shoes that I need to exchange (if DSW has them in stock), too - they're super cute, so I hope I can get them in a half size larger.

On Saturday, the veterinarian hospital where Lulu works is having an open house, so we're going to that before we head over to the in-laws' for the birthday celebration. I have absolutely no idea what we're doing on Sunday! Hey, shouldn't I know? After all, it's Mother's Day!

What are y'all doing this weekend?