Gold & green everyday look

Friday, May 7, 2010

Today I have a gold and green everyday look to share. Greens are a little tricky for me - certain shades just don't work with my eye/skin color. They can make my eyes look like they're in the green stage of bruising, LOL.

Here's a list with links to the products I used:
Aromaleigh Marigold eye shadow
Aromaleigh Pavane eye shadow (from the En Pointe collection, but no longer available)
Aromaleigh Marsh eye shadow
GeoGraphx Sierra Gold eye shadow
Aromaleigh Divine Intervention eye shadow
Aromaleigh Chantal eye shadow
Da Bomb blush (this links to the recipe)
MAC Whirl lip liner
MAC Long Stem Rose slimshine (OMG, I had no idea the slimshines had been d/c'ed!)

I know, I know! Chantal is neither green nor gold! Trust me, it works, LOL!

First, I applied Aromaleigh Pavane to the lid and lower lashline. Then I patted Aromaleigh Marsh on the lid & up into the crease. I used Aromaleigh Marigold to highlight under the brow. Next, I added a little Geographx Sierra Gold along the upper and lower lashline & a very little dusting onto the lid. For the darker liner, I used Aromaleigh Divine Intervention on the outer 2/3 of the upper and lower lashline - first dry, and then with a little sealant. Before it completely dried, I pushed a little Aromaleigh Chantal eye shadow along the outer 1/2 of the upper & lower lashline - concentrating most of the color in the outer corner.

I used my own mix, Da Bomb, for the blush - applying it to the apples of my cheeks & sweeping it outward. I lined my lips with MAC Whirl lip liner, dusted lightly with MMU, and then applied MAC's Long Stem Rose slimshine lipcolor.

I realize that my everyday makeup looks pretty much the same from a distance, LOL. It really does look different when you see it up close. You have to remember that my everyday looks are about subtlety - just enhancing, not making a huge statement.  :-)


E said...

Can you please come and do my makeup? I just do not have the ability to mix colors and usually just wear brown shadow.

I love these posts and your makeup always looks so pretty!

Kim said...

Thank you! I'm very self-conscious about these makeup posts, so I'm glad to know you like them! I'm not very adventurous when it comes to makeup, so I'm always afraid my looks are boring, LOL!

Eclectic Musings said...

Looks like you and I can wear similar shades of green. I don't feel comfortable in many of them, but I've had makeup people take one look at my eyes and exclaim, "Oooh, you should wear greens!" They bring out the circles under my eyes a lot.

The Sierra Gold you used here looks a lot like Spell's Antiquity to me. I just ordered that one when she did my makeover and I do love that one. A lot of greenish-golds go too far to the olive side and I can't pull them off. They make my eye color look good, but then my skin looks bad.

I like these makeup posts too. I envy your ability to get such good up-close shots. When I use Macro mode on my camera, it looks worse than when I just take one from a distance to give the overall effect. You can't see anything but the stray brow hairs. LOL

Kim said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love greens but like you, most don't love me. And if you only knew how many pictures I have to take just to get those few! LOL!

I can't wait to get my latest Spell order - and I have a Meow Cosmetics order on the way, too. Yay!

Eclectic Musings said...

Have you tried Meow before? I've checked them out but never placed an order. I don't remember why, though. I only remember being really intrigued. LOL

Kim said...

No, I'm new to Meow - but so far, I like what I see. I ordered 19 samples so I could take advantage of free shipping - plus I used a 20% off code from Twitter. I had a lot more samples in my shopping cart, but I made myself pare them down, LOL. I know I'll be placing a full-size order, so I'll get more samples then. I'm going to swatch the samples I have here & do a blog post about them.