Meow Cosmetics IdealEyes swatches, part 1

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Meow Cosmetics eye shadow swatches! Some of my favorites are included in this batch. These swatches are from the best-selling IdealEyes collection, which are "purr-lized" shadows. The flash combined with the macro lens made the pearl sheen appear more as a sparkle. Trust me - these are really beautiful "purrl" shadows.

You had me at Meow - frosty taupe with vintage gold shimmer

Purrfect Stranger - muted dusty plum

Sunrise - light golden beige

Witty Kitty - vanilla with a subtle metallic cinnamon-copper sheen and undertone

Lucky Cat Purrl - light golden peach

Ferocious Feline Purrl - light natural golden tan/brown

Brazen Purrl - rich warm golden brown

Claws & Effect - caramelized copper with gold sheen

Unfortunately, these pictures just don't do justice to the shadows. Witty Kitty is one of my favorite shadows of all time and I will definitely be purchasing a full-size jar. Sunrise, You Had Me at Meow, and Purrfect Stranger are all gorgeous colors, too.

Check them out!