Meow Cosmetics Cat Eyes swatches

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last week, I received a HUGE sample order from Meow Cosmetics - and they were worth every penny!! There were way too many to talk about on one post, so I thought I'd break them down into individual categories. This batch is the Cat Eyes eye shadow, which is their matte shadow. As you will see from the close-ups, they're not totally matte - which is awesome in my book. There is just the faintest hint of sparkle that is really only noticeable in the close-ups - but I think it keeps the shadows from looking too "flat". And please ignore my pasty white arm in the pictures! ;-)

Sex Object - rich, sultry taupe

Schizo - true khaki tan with a subtle rosy undertone

Hedonistic - true navy blue

Jynx - extremely dark gray

Mean - dark charcoal gray

Shadowcat - rich and velvety eggplant

Caffeine Buzz - espresso brown

I love the consistency of these shadows - and they last all day (I apply over a primer). As you can see, "Sex Object" and "Schizo" don't show up very well on my naturally pale skin - but with a sunless tan, they do. "Sex Object" is a little too cool-toned to work with my sunless tan though, so that one will probably go to Lulu. The other colors are fantastic - especially for doing smokey eyes!

As I've mentioned in the past, Meow Cosmetics' generous samples are only $1 each - their shipping is quick and reasonable - and they have frequent coupon codes. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter - and they have their own Cat Chat Forum, too.

Meow swatches coming soon: IdealEyes eye shadow (15), Feliners eye liner (2), foundations (15), concealer (6), undereye concealer (2), skinny dippers (2)

Have you guys tried Meow Cosmetics yet? If so, what are your favorites?