Meow Cosmetics IdealEyes swatches, part 2

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here are the rest of the Meow Cosmetics eye shadow samples that I purchased. If you love purples, I highly recommend "That Cat" - it is sooooo pretty!!

Close-up swatches and descriptions from the Meow website:

That Cat: deep smoke with a sheer plum undertone

Sexy: muted smoky violet (I'm not sure I agree with this description - as you can see, this had a rosy/pink look on me - not smoky violet at all)

Tongue Tied: deep smoky plum

Anti-Social: blue-grey

Dusk: deep espresso with gold

Muddy Paws: deep rich, true purrlized chocolate with subtle metallic bronze shimmer (sorry the pic is blurry!)

Bad Girl: rich hot chocolate brown with copper and gold sheen

Krazy Kat: blue and grey and mysterious...oh my! Metallic undertones, bold depth, and high sparkle add complexity to this unique feliner!

Fornicat: brilliant aqua green/blue with sparkle

I'm alternating between throwing a fit and jumping for joy - I just found another page of eye shadows on the Meow site that I hadn't seen before - don't know how I missed them!! Now I have another list of things to buy!!