Stila Sun Gel Body Gel Bronzant

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another quick bronzer review - this one is Stila Sun Gel body Gel Bronzant - and I believe this one has also been discontinued. I bought mine from for $10.79 - the original price was $24 - and now I see they are offering it for $11.99. I've also seen this product on eBay.

It's a 4.2 oz. tube of a gel-like bronzer. The color of the product right out of the tube is very bright reddish-orange-copper with a lot of what I consider fairly large pieces of glitter - kind of scary! In my opinion, there is a fairly strong floral scent while applying, but it does seem to dissipate after awhile.

I attempted to apply this product with vinyl gloves because of the color - I just knew it was going to stain my hands! But the gloves kept getting "stuck" in the gel and made it very gummy and difficult to spread. When I removed the gloves, I didn't have any problems applying the product - but you can see what my hands looked like!

One coat of the product didn't really show up, so I decided to apply a second coat. That gave a little more color, but it also made it look more "orange". There was a little more sparkle than I like, too. The gel seemed to dry fairly quickly, although with the humidity, I felt really sticky all day long.

One coat on my hand wasn't enough color, but it was way too sparkly to apply another coat. I ended up applying some MAC Skinsheen to my hands over the Stila gel.

The day I wore this, it was very humid, and the temperature was in the high 80's. However, I was indoors all day, with the central air set at 75. I did a few loads of laundry, vacuumed the carpet, and just did "normal" things around the house. I ended up sweating off most of the bronzer so that I had big splotches of white. Not pretty! And it has absolutely no water-resistance at all - none - nada - nein.

Honestly, I don't see how anyone could ever make this product work! If you can't even keep it on doing normal activities in air-conditioning, then something is wrong. No wonder it's been discontinued (although I believe it was available for 3-4 years).

To summarize:
  • none
  • color
  • too much sparkle
  • scent
  • stains hands during application
  • absolutely no water/sweat resistance
Um, do you even have to ask???