What we did this weekend...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No relaxing for us - we worked in the yard all weekend! We planted flowers and put down 21 bags of mulch - oh, my aching back!! I didn't take pictures of everything, but I did take some, and I thought I'd share them.

Some pictures from the front yard: the irises, hostas, and Stella d'Oro lilies were there when we moved in 3 years ago - we added the other lilies, liriope, and campanula. We're not thrilled with the lilies because we thought they would be more mounded like the Stella d'Oro lilies - so those will probably be relegated to the back yard, and we'll need to find something new to put in their place.

I like having potted flowers on the front porch. I did this pot this weekend - I love the color mix! We have red New Guinea impatiens in hanging baskets - and I need to do a pot to sit on the black wrought iron table that's on the porch.

When we first moved here, the side yard was horrible! There were a couple of hostas and a couple of astilbe - and the ground was all dried up and nasty. All of the landscaping (front & side yards) was edged in that nasty black plastic edging - I hate that stuff!! You can see the horrible back yard, too.

This is the side yard after 3 years of babying it and planting perennials. This picture doesn't do it justice - it's really pretty! The pictures that I've posted in the past of the lamiastrum and ajuga were from the side yard.

And while we were working in the yard, we found baby animals! There were two baby bunnies - one took off down the street, and the other ran into our garage. I was afraid he'd get overheated in there or not be able to find his way out, so I searched until I found him wedged between some shelving. We took a picture and then let him go in the side yard. He was only about 4 inches long! His ears were only about an inch long!

In the river birch that sits near the edge of the front yard, there is a robin's nest with 3 babies! I swear they get bigger every day. This one was brave and managed to hop up onto the edge of the nest. It was pretty windy, so I was afraid he was going to fall!

So far, we've had a turtle, a chipmunk, geese, ducks, praying mantids, toads, baby birds, baby rabbits...I have to wonder what we're going to find next!

What did you do this weekend?