Aromaleigh Victoria's Revenge swatches

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I ordered a few samples of Aromaleigh's Victoria's Revenge Collection, and wanted to share the swatches with you. You've already heard me rave about "Poison Utopia" - did I mention that I lurves it??? :-)

I only ordered 10 of the 25 shades - but the ones I got are very pretty. Intense colors (except for "Infernal Chaos", which is the lightest color in the collection), easy to apply, and when applied over a primer there isn't any smudging or flaking.

Perpetual Motion - shimmery copper, like a new penny 
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "Gleaming coppery brown gears churn, dulled from persistent use, but shining through with metal's rich smooth surface and sparks of electricity.")

Cyanide Sorrow - a really pretty tea rose pink with shimmer
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "An innocent dusty rose pink, with buff undertones.... tarnished forever with the ashen guilt of wanting to write poison pen letters. Spilled ink, hello forever...")

Freakshow - pale olive/yellow brown with minimal shimmer
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "A worn and barren brown with olivine tones, reminiscent of the underbelly of the golden days of the traveling circus..")

Infernal Chaos - pale taupe with a little shimmer
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "Immaculate dove grey with the softest sheen and brown tones... to match the gloves you wear to ensure that you leave no fingerprints.")

Tarnished Strychnine - metallic olive/forest green with copper/gold shimmer
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "The garden has wilted, copper pots tarnished green from the relentless fog. Next to her prized Dendrobium, she rests, sleeping, it seems... with her teacup. Full. Such a pale beauty.")

Splintered - (this isn't a very good swatch - it's much prettier IRL) dark forest/pine green with blue/green & gold shimmer
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "Broken evergreen branches and moonlit reflections in the water. The blackened forest green glimmers from within with the lost dimensions of faerie, perpetually changing...")

Obscura - dark metallic teal with blue/green shimmer; base is more black and shimmer is more blue than Splintered
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "The depth of the deepest lake and it's secrets, which the moonlight plays on the rippling water. An elusive deep teal, blackened but brilliant with green and azure accent sparks.")

Night Shade - not quite black with blue/green shimmer
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "The last rays of the sun reflect off the light of the green glass-paned greenhouse windows, casting a loving glow of warm chartreuse light on the poisonous plants, then all is dark...")

Poison Utopia - blackened royal purple with purple shimmer
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "A deep and glimmering purple blackened by the soot of industry's progress yet glittering with a borealis of dreamlike sparks. ... my reflection, dance the ghost with me...")

Ruthless Indulgence -metallic mauve with purple and pink shimmer
(description from the Aromaleigh website: "The pink glimmer of bittersweet dreams, wrapped in the frosted charcoal depths of the dark determination to achieve them."

Kristen has revised the Aromaleigh closing schedule - the ADIEU35 coupon (good for 35% off your order) is now valid through Aug. 10. But the eye shadows are selling out quickly, so if you want to give them a try, don't wait too long! 

I ordered samples of the entire Lost in Faerie Collection, so those should be here soon!