New iPhone cases & Hello Kitty!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know. You're all sick of hearing about the iPhone. Well, just in case any of you have one and are looking for cases, I found some cute, inexpensive ones on

This one is made by Konnet and it's just a thin, hard plastic case that snaps on. It has cut-outs for all of the buttons and openings, so there's no problem there. The price also includes a screen protector with some of the same graphics - but I don't use a screen protector. You can go to the Konnet website and download matching wallpaper for free. I paid $9.99 at for mine - I'm not sure why, but the price is now showing up as $17.94!

This one is made by ifrogz and is identical to the one I got at the AT&T store when I bought my iPhone. AT&T sells it for $30 - as does the ifrogz website. I got it from for $4.00!! (The price is now showing up as $4.10. There are also other colors available for this price.) It's a hard plastic case with a matte metallic finish - and there are cut-outs for easy access to all ports/buttons. This one also comes with a screen protector. My original ifrogz case broke - but I don't fault the product. I dropped my phone so many times that it finally cracked the case. The case did it's job - it kept the phone safe.

This next case is my new favorite - it's Hello Kitty!! I love it! This one is flexible plastic, but the finish is smooth enough that it doesn't attract dust or stick in your pocket like some flexible plastic/silicone covers. My one complaint with it is that it doesn't have a cut-out for the volume or power on/off button. However, the plastic is soft enough that it's not too difficult to adjust the volume. The price includes a screen protector. I bought mine from Target through and paid $14.55 total (including tax & shipping). It's no longer on (I just got mine a few days ago! WTF?), but it is available at for $14.99 plus shipping.

I downloaded cute Hello Kitty wallpaper to match. I really like that the iPhone OS 4.0 allows you to have one wallpaper for the lock screen and a different wallpaper for the home screen.

You're never too old for Hello Kitty, right?


Jessica said...

NEVER too old! Love the HK!! :)

Kim said...

I knew if anyone agreed with me, it would be you, Jessica! :-)