My new favorite product...

Friday, July 16, 2010

I really like the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for getting pet hair off my microfiber sofas. It absolutely rocks and is worth every penny. But I've discovered a new use for it that makes me even happier!! Getting globs of pet hair off the carpet!! 10 out of 10 stars!!

If you have pets, you need one of these!
I have beige berber carpet in my living room - and as you know, two of my cats (Angus and Xander) have dark-colored fur. Of course, they love to tussle on the beige carpet (usually right after I've used the vacuum cleaner). So I'll walk out of the room to put the vacuum cleaner away, only to return and find more cat hair. Argh.

Enter the Pledge Fabric Sweeper!! I can just run it over the hairballs and POOF! They're gone!! No muss, no fuss - no dragging out the vacuum cleaner!! I wish they'd make one with a long handle - like a Swiffer, but with the little rollers that collect the pet hair.

FYI: I've also tried the Scotch Fur Fighter; it gets -10 stars. It didn't work well at all and was a waste of money.

Don't waste your money!!