Friday, August 6, 2010

A couple of years ago, I said, "I would never get Botox."

Yeah. You know what happens when you say "never". Last Friday, I ate my words.

I called my dermatologist's office to ask about Restylane injections, but was told that she only does Juvederm. While talking to the receptionist, I discovered that they only have two clients who use Juvederm, but they have a huge Botox clientele. That sparked my interest, so I started asking questions. Turns out, almost all of the employees in the office get Botox, too! LOL! They were offering a half-price special for first-time Botox users, so glabellar (the area between the eyebrows) injections were just $150.

Gus went to the appointment with me and even went back to the treatment room. Several people commented on how they weren't used to seeing husbands there. The doctor said that he was the first husband to be in the room - ever. Turns out, all of their Botox clients keep it on the down low. Yep - secret bank accounts, secret cell phone numbers - and when they call the client's home, they have to say they're calling to schedule their "procedure". Wow. I was honestly shocked. It never occurred to me to not tell Gus.

The nurse gave me an icepack to put on my forehead - to help numb it a little and to also help keep any swelling to a minimum. Then the doctor came in and had me frown so she could mark the injection spots with a neon yellow highlighter, LOL. I iced the area for a few more minutes and then she was back with the Botox. She did tell me that the line between my eyebrows wouldn't go away with one injection - but that it would disappear over time - possibly with a second injection and definitely with a third.

There were 5 injection sites - in a vee formation. The needle is very tiny and I only felt a small pinprick with each injection. I couldn't feel the Botox when it was injected. Immediately afterward, there was a little bit of throbbing, but it wasn't even what I would consider "headache level". There was minimal bleeding (I do take aspirin) and swelling - and we went to brunch immediately after we left the office.

After a couple of hours, the areas started to feel a little "weird". Sort of numb, but not really because I could still feel them and move my forehead. Around 8pm that night (about 10 hours after), I had a tight sensation across my forehead - which gave me a headache. Excedrin knocked the headache, no problem.

Day 1 - 4: Not much difference. I do think my eyebrows looked a bit more arched (which the dr. said was a desired "side effect"), but I could still move the muscles in my forehead and make a "frown". Since I had been told that I should see a difference in about 3 days, I called the dr's office to make sure everything was okay. They were a bit surprised, but said that it can take up to 2 weeks to get the full effect. Apparently, some people have stronger muscles, and those take longer to show the effects of the Botox. Probably all of those facial exercises, LOL! But the doctor said that if I could still move the muscle after 2 weeks, to call her back.

At Day 4, I thought my brow area looked more smooth (along with the arched brows), and the furrow between my eyebrows looked more shallow. Yay!!

Day 5-6: I saw a little change every day. The area definitely looks smoother and more "rested". Each day I was able to move my brows less, and I had to work a lot harder to make a frown.

Day 7: Today, I could barely make a scrunched frown. I can still move my eyebrows up & down, but I can't scrunch them together to form a frown. So the muscle is affected, but my entire forehead is definitely not paralyzed - and I don't think that anyone would ever be able to tell that I had Botox injections.

Here are the pictures (and they are all untouched - much to my dismay, LOL!)...

The first two were taken so you could see what the injection sites looked like:

the injection sites right after I left the office

taken 4 hrs. after the Botox

The next three pictures were taken in the same room, with the same lighting - I tried to keep my face as relaxed as possible for each picture. They were taken before the Botox, at Day 4, and at Day 7.

before Botox (ignore the crossed eyes, LOL!)

Day 4

Day 7

The next two pictures are of me frowning - they're taken in the same room, with the same lighting, and with me attempting to make the same scrunched motion. They were taken on Day 4 and Day 7. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a "before" frown picture. But at Day 4, I still had pretty much the same movement as before the injections. There was considerably more effort put into the frown on Day 7.

Day 4

Day 7

I will continue to take pictures through Day 14, and if there are changes, I'll do an update. Overall, I'm pleased with the results and would definitely do it again! I may even consider doing side bangs - something I've never done!!

Have any of you ever tried Botox or injectable fillers? What was your experience? If you haven't tried it - would you?


marie2012 said...

Do you have any daughters? I am in my 40s and I wouldn't want my teen daughter thinking that you have to fill your face with chemicals in order to be "pretty and Youthful". I think you looked beautiful without the botox. It is sad that so many women feel that they have to do this to stay young. What is wrong with taking care of yourself and aging gracefully? It is great that you posted these pics for other interested women to see and I hope you enjoy your results. I just don't find it necessary to do this to myself in order to look my best. Love your website and your blog just don't care for the botox.

Kim said...

I have a 19 year old daughter, and I think she has a pretty good grasp on the difference between feeling you "have" to do something versus "wanting" to do something. Certainly something like Botox is a very personal decision - and it's not right for everyone. My opinion is that anyone who feels they "need" to do something probably has issues that run deeper than any cosmetic solution can reach.

I didn't feel like I "needed" to get Botox - I just wanted to try it. Much like I tried coloring my hair red at one time. (Unfortunately, that experiment didn't turn out as well as the Botox, LOL!) To me, getting Botox is no different than using makeup or facial peels or topical creams or even coloring your hair in order to look your best. Those are all chemicals, too. And why do we use them? Because they make us feel better about ourselves.

I think it's wonderful if a woman (or man) can look and feel her/his best without the use of any chemicals. I see many attractive people with gray hair and wrinkles. I've seen women without makeup who looked stunning. But the flip side is true, too. I've seen many beautiful women wearing makeup - who color their hair - and probably use wrinkle creams and/or Botox.

It's not for me to judge who is right and who is wrong. I just hope they're all doing what they're doing (or not doing) because it's what is right for them.

Vicki said...

Thanks for this info Kim. I really liked that you posted what happened in the Dr office, the day after and so forth. Hard to find that info online.

Its nice to know we do have these options available to us, if we choose to use them, and I was really interested in seeing how things went (and continue to go) for you.

Not everyone is interested in a procedure of this type, which is perfectly fine as well.

But I am appreciative of the fact that you allowed us to share this with you, even getting to see the "before" images. :)

Please keep us updated as I want to see how this lasts for you.

kellynaro45 said...

I will be 46 in less than a month and I have some deep lines especially between my eyes and around my mouth, but I earned those lines every time I laughed and smiled or showed the various emotions that far too many women are so quick to try and erase with botox. I am proud of how I look wrinkles and all. I am a breast cancer survivor so I feel that all of this type of stuff is very petty. Enjoy being alive and looking like you. That is the greatest blessing there is.

Kim said...

Thanks, Vicki! I'm glad you enjoyed it & found the info useful. I will definitely keep everyone updated.

ladybug39 said...

I think that the information and pics you posted are awesome especially for people like me that are still a little scared to have botox done. After seeing your pics and reading about your own personal experience I can say that this is something that I might try one day when I think I could use a little more help than what my current treatments, creams,ect.can do. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best for as long as you can. Botox as with any cosmedic procedure is a personal choice. I have had microdermabrasion and laser treatments done and those are cosmedic. In my opinion there is no difference between those types of treatments and botox. I think it is great that you put all of this out there for others to see. Great blog!!!!

Kim said...

Thanks, ladybug39 - that was my goal - to "demystify" the procedure. Not to promote it - but to just put out honest info & pictures for those who are curious and want to know "the rest of the story" (to quote Paul Harvey, LOL!).

Rachael said...

Great post, Kim! I was able to visualize the procedure by your detailed descriptions and I love how you posted the pics at various days as well. You definitely "demystified" the procedure for me also. I can't wait to see more updates.

And btw - your eyes are absolutely stunning!!

Kim said...

Thanks, Rachael! *blushes*

Jessica said...

Very interesting post Kim! I have always been curious about Botox. The idea kinda freaks me out a little, but it's nice to read more about what actually happens. I've always said I would never consider any type of cosmetic procedure either, but who knows. Maybe one day I will. If it helps a woman feel better about herself and she doesn't go overboard, I see nothing wrong with it. ;)

Kim said...

Jessica, I always said the same thing! LOL! Honestly, I don't think anyone would look at me and say "she had Botox". I just look more relaxed and rested. Now I need a vacation so I can actually FEEL relaxed and rested! LOL!