Berry Hpnotic

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gus and I stopped by the liquor store this weekend where we picked up a few new beers to try. I was mesmerized by all of the little "airplane" bottles of booze, decided to try some new stuff, and had a really hard time limiting myself to just five...

I ended up with:

I decided to use the Hpnotiq and Absolut Raspberri for my first test - but of course, I tasted them straight before doing any mixing. Hpnotiq is very good - I love the fruit flavor. For those who aren't familiar with Hpnotic - it's a liqueur that contains fruit juice, vodka, and cognac. I think this is something that I would use a lot because I love fruity drinks. The Absolut Raspberri is awesome, too - I need to make a raspberry cosmo with some fresh frozen raspberries.

I found a recipe for "Berry Hpnotiq" on the Hpnotiq website, so I did my own version of that.
1 oz. Hpnotiq
1 oz. Absolut Raspberri
lemon-lime soda

Oh. My. Gosh. It was delicious. I will be buying larger bottles of both Hpnotiq and Absolut Raspberri. This drink is dangerous because you can't really taste the booze. I really, really like it!

I do apologize for the lack of fancy drinkware, elegant presentation, etc. I guess if I'm going to blog about booze, I need to step it up a notch, huh? On the other hand, if I call it booze, is there really any reason to pretty it up?  ;-)


Gus said...

Hey - what about the beers we got? The Jamaican Red Stripe (which is about on par with Bud Light - clean and crisp) and the Sam Adams Blackberry Ale which was good because the blackberry slightly offset the usual bitterness of Sam Adams beers. And don't forget my personal Irish favorite - Harp :)

Kim said...

I got distracted by the pretty little bottles and forgot to take pictures of the beer. Or maybe you drank it so fast that I never got a chance to take pictures? :-)

Tanya said...

Hmmm..that Sam Adams Blackberry Ale that Gus mentioned sounds good!! Have you guys tried any Sweetwater beer? The Sweetwater Blue is my absolute favorite...has just a touch of blueberry...yum!!!
The downside side is we can't get it here. I think it's bottled in GA, so we stock up when we go to Gatlinburg. Thank goodness the Food City out near Cobbly Nob has it :)

Kim said...

I haven't tried that - you'll have to remind me to get some next time I go to Gatlinburg!

I didn't really like the Sam Adams Blackberry - but Gus and Buddy did. I'm not a fan of Sam Adams beer anyway. I had some Abita Purple Haze (brewed in LA) - it's a wheat beer that has raspberry puree added after it's filtered. I thought it was really good!

Jessica said...

I love those little bottles!! I always joke about carrying one in my purse for emergencies. :) How was the lemon drop stuff? I love getting "real" ones at the bar.

Kim said...

The bottled lemon drop stuff wasn't as good as the "real" stuff. Kind of disappointing, LOL!