Sleepy kitty...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Awww...isn't he cute? For those of you who don't remember from my previous posts, this is Angus - but we call him Goosey. He's a funny cat. He doesn't like to be held - but when he wants to be petted, he will rub all over you and pester you until you pet him. If you don't pet him or if you stop petting him before he's ready for you to stop, he'll nip you with his teeth. He's the alpha cat of the house. He has mastered the aloof look that says "you are a lowly human and I only tolerate you because you control the food". He thinks that he is a tiger - a big tough jungle cat.

Well..let's see the rest of the picture...

Yes, that's right - this tough jungle cat likes to sleep in his mommy's chair - on a pillow & pink Snuggie. He loves my pink Snuggie. When he saw me get it out the other day, he jumped up in my chair to lay on it. If I leave the room, when I come back, he'll be laying in the chair on the pink snuggie.

I'm sure he has some other "excuse" - like he's keeping my chair warm - but trust me, it's all about the pink Snuggie.

I think I'm going to buy him a leopard-print Snuggie for Christmas.  :-)