What a waste of money...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I don't usually get too upset over products that I don't like, but these really, really annoyed me!

Have you tried the new Downy with scent pearls? I love Downy's original "April Fresh" scent. I've used it for over 20 years because I love it so much. Heck, I even buy the 197 load bottles. That's why I was so upset over my last purchase. The bottle said "NEW", and next to that, it said "with scent pearls". The fragrance was listed lower on the label - and it said "April Fresh" - no "new" beside it. So I assumed that the scent was the same & the only thing new was that they had added scent pearls. WRONG. This stuff doesn't even remotely smell like Downy's original April Fresh scent. It smells so bad that it made my laundry room & kitchen stink. And it's one of those scents that makes me want to gag. Even Buddy (who never notices anything) came upstairs and said, "What's that nasty smell?" - actually I think his language was a bit more colorful, but I'm paraphrasing here.

I emailed Downy customer service, and to their credit, they did send me a coupon for a free container of Downy. I hope it's good on the 197 load size since that's what I'm replacing - the coupon does say "any size". So I hope I can find one of the "old" bottles. But I wasn't pleased that they didn't admit to changing the scent. They just said "we added scent pearls - you may want to use less or try our fragrance-free version". Well, they may have added scent pearls, but they weren't APRIL FRESH scent pearls. And the original April Fresh scent is the reason I use the product, so no, I don't want the fragrance-free version. Seriously - if they discontinue the original scent, I will buy another brand. I'm still trying to get over the fact that they discontinued the lavender scent, which was my favorite for sheets.

And then, I opened up the Tarte emphasEYES eyeliner that I got at the end of May - and it was completely dried out!! I only used it a few times and it was stored tightly capped. It's so dried out that it's cracked! WTF?? I can probably add some eyeliner sealant to it to rejuvenate it, but who wants to mess with that? And I shouldn't have to, should I? So this liner probably only lasted 2-3 months because it's obviously been dried up for awhile. I definitely won't purchase any more of these!

That dent you see in the liner is where I pushed as hard as I could with the handle of an eyeshadow brush - it barely dented the stuff!

And while I'm on the subject of products that don't work well/I don't like - there's the Murad Essential-C Eye Cream. I got a sample of it at some point - I assume from Sephora - and decided to give it a try. It has a fairly thick consistency & is a little greasy - but the worse part is the smell. Ewwww! It had a date on it, and it wasn't expired, so I guess this is how it's supposed to smell. It reminds me of dry cat food. Not on my list of favorite scents. In the end, it didn't matter, because my super-sensitive eyes didn't like the stuff anyway. I ended up with eczema everywhere I applied it.

Needless to say, I won't be repurchasing.  :-)