Another product fail...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Have you heard of Dots Gloves? They claim to be "The iPhone glove. Warmer and more precise than ever." - gloves that you don't have to remove in order to use your iPhone (I assume they would work with any touchscreen device). Naturally, I was intrigued and had to have a pair.

The website is not organized very well - it took me forever to find the page that explains how to measure for your glove size. There are choices at the top of the page: Shop, Exclusive, Information, & Contact. When you click on "Information", you find 4 additional sections: Sizing, Glove Care, Shipping & Handling, & Return Policy. You would think that the measuring information would be under sizing, right? Wrong. This is all it says: "Dots Gloves are available in two standard sizes, Mens and Womens. Mens size fits hands medium to large. Womens size fits hands extra small to small. The gloves are knit such that they will accommodate a range of variably sized hands."

And if you click on "contact", it takes you to the information page...because there is a contact form on that page. This is new. When I placed my order, I found the measuring info on the contact page - which was a separate page from the info/sizing page. I only found it because I was going to email them to ask about the sizing.  I measured my hand and according to their sizing chart, I needed a medium. Wrong. They were way too wide in the palm & fingers, yet the fingers were also too short. Which is odd, because I have short fingers. Now they say the womens' gloves fit extra-small to small hands - they were very large on me and I do not have small hands.

They also claim on the site - "Thumb, index, and middle fingertips operate iPhone with skin-like responsiveness." Um, no. I tried and tried and tried, but could not get the gloves to work. Even if I pulled the fabric tight so that they were more fitted, I still could not use my iPhone with the gloves on. Plus, they were downright fugly. Seriously.

Once you place an order, there is very little communication from the company. You get one email that is just an invoice from their Paypal shopping cart/checkout. There is no information about when the order will ship - and you do not receive any further communication from them about your order/shipping. I received my order about 10 days after placing it. Of course, they charge priority prices, but ship first class.

I emailed customer service when I couldn't get the gloves to work & asked if they had any suggestions. I received an automated response saying "You will receive an answer to your inquiry shortly". Let's see - that was about 3 weeks ago. Still haven't heard from them. Way to keep your customers satisfied!! Oh - and there weren't any "dots" on the fingertips of my gloves, so it's no wonder they didn't work.

I sent the gloves back on Nov. 16. According to delivery confirmation, they were delivered on Nov. 19 - so let's see how long it takes to get my refund...

Here are some pictures of the fugly gloves:

Dots Gloves - don't bother! Save yourself some time, trouble, & money. I'm going to be out the outrageous shipping fee, but hopefully, I'll get my money back for the gloves.

I'm checking out these now:

Etre Touchy gloves - $32 (ship from UK)

Freehands - $35

Texting Dots - $4.99 (stick to any gloves)

Definitely leaning towards the $4.99 dots to stick to my current gloves, LOL!