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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I bet there are a few ladies out there who would like to look thinner. **raises hand** I recently read some articles that I found helpful & interesting, so I thought I'd share. I was happy to see that I was already doing several of these things, but I found a couple of new ones to try, too.

This article is from Shape.com (there is no author listed):

10 Ways to look 10-Pounds Slimmer

Invest in a wrap dress
Universally flattering, asymmetrical cuts whittle down your waist and hide trouble spots. Designer Diane von Furstenberg, who popularized the look, explains: "A wrap dress does exactly what it claims: It wraps you. And because it's typically made of jersey fabric, it molds to your body, helping to sculpt it."
Sport a V-neck top
The neckline narrows as it plunges--the lower, the better--emphasizing the length of your neck and upper body and giving the illusion of a leaner line.
Avoid pleats
Whether they're on the waist, hips, or neckline, extra fabric and fussy details like ruffles and gathers can make you look bulky. Stick with simple shapes.
Dress in all one color
You've probably heard that wearing all black makes you seem more slender, but--surprise!--going head to toe in any dark hue like chocolate, navy, or charcoal achieves the same streamlined effect.
Keep pant hems long
Tailor your trousers so they're no shorter than half an inch from the floor. A straight-leg cut gives the appearance of a lean, never-ending leg.
Put on heels with pants
They'll make you stand straighter while lifting your butt and elongating your legs. To create a seamless silhouette, opt for a pointed toe and match the shade of the shoe and pants as close as possible. This draws the eye from the point of the toe to the torso.
Wear vertical lines
They lengthen your figure because the eye naturally follows the pattern, making you look taller and thinner. But don't overdo it. Varying widths and colors can be distracting, not slimming. Best bets: Try a turtleneck under a striped dress in a basic shape, or pin-striped pants paired with a blouse in a solid color.
Accessorize with long necklaces
Bold or layered chains that fall from mid-chest to your waist pull the eye downward, making you appear trimmer.
Hem your skirt to the perfect length
It should fall just above or just below your knee, emphasizing the area between your thigh and calf. Mid-thigh skirts draw attention to the thickest part of your leg, while ultra-long skirts can look frumpy.
Choose clothes that fit just right
Sounds obvious, but if your self-confidence is flagging, it's easy to dress in baggy outfits that only add volume, and too-tight pieces are unforgiving of even the slightest bump. Trust us: The proper fit will automatically boost your confidence--and your style.

This article also comes from Shape.com (there is no author listed):

Jacqui Stafford's 10 Body Shape Fashion Tips

Here are Jacqui's top ten slimming tips:
  1. Layering is still hot for fall: As the temperature dips, layer different lengths of solid colored tanks under long sleeve shirts or sweaters to elongate your silhouette. A longer length tank that hits just at the top of the hip (rather than tummy) will visually streamline you. We love Joy Li's rayon/spandex tanks with pin tuck fronts ($70.00; joyli.net)
  2. A bold piece of jewelry will draw the eye away from problem areas. Go for standout earrings and necklaces that draw attention to your face and decollete.
  3. Stripes are in for fall: Choose vertical lines that are ultimately more figure flattering than horizontal stripes.
  4. Invest in the proper-fitting undergarment that can easily shave pounds off - the right bra is critical. We're obsessed with Le Mystere "Francesca" Allover Lace Demi Bra that miraculously compliments everyone.
  5. Go for sweaters or fitted jackets that hit at hip length (or longer) to hide problem areas and avoid making the midsection look heavy.
  6. Wrap-style blouses or dresses in jewel tones are truly seasonless. Nipping in at the waist, they create an hourglass silhouette that translates perfectly from desk to dinner.
  7. When shopping for outerwear, choose a wide collared coat to deflect attention from the hip area. A gentle A-line flare is the most flattering cut for coats.
  8. The empire waist (when the waistline hits just below the bust line) nips in at the slimmest part of a woman's body, and the flowing fabric falls away from a heavier stomach. Look for chocolate brown, navy and crimson for this season's hottest shades.
  9. An extra long necklace, hitting between the belly button and the bottom of your bra will make your body appear longer and leaner, and create an overall slimmer appearance. Check out the amazing array of designs at totallyfabdesign.com.
  10. Chunky, cable knit sweaters are huge for fall, but steer clear of boxy shapes that do not have a defined silhouette, as these will add unwanted pounds. If you are going to wear a thicker fabric, it should have some structure.


Gus said...

Yep - definitely agree with the "wear heels with pants" tip. In fact, just wear heels with anything and we men will be happy!

Kim said...

Well, Gus - lucky for you, I'm a shoe ho(arder) with plenty of high heels... :-)