Favorite things...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

There are a few products that I've recently tried & really liked, so I wanted to share them with you:

I'm in love with another fabric softener!! I was in the grocery store, sniffing all of the fabric softeners - trying to find something, anything, that wasn't a disgusting floral scent - when I saw this new Downy scent. They describe the scent as "milky vanilla, balanced by hints of peach and cinnamon". Hmmm. That sounds really yummy, but that's not what I smell when I sniff the product, LOL! To me, it has a powdery scent - similar to the original Downy fragrance that I loved so much (before they ruined it with "scent pearls"). But whatever it smells like, I love it. But don't tell Downy, because every time I like one of their scents, they discontinue it. I paid $5.49 for a  oz. bottle (on sale) at my grocery store.

This candle is just pure heaven. It seriously smells good enough to eat. It has a tremendous scent throw (it easily scents my first floor, which is about 1000 sq. ft. - and starts to drift upstairs a bit, too) and smells like freshly baked pumpkin pie. They describe the scent as "spicy cinnamon, pumpkin and creamy vanilla scents" - and I would agree with that. The box states that the candle will burn for 30 hours & contains odor neutralizers. And I can say that it definitely neutralizes odors. I paid $4.99 (on sale) at my grocery store. This is a limited edition, so grab it while you can!

(I saw on the Febreze website that they also have a LE Cinnamon Sugar & Home candle with the scent described as "homemade cinnamon glazed pastries mixing with the soothing sweetness of vanilla". I'll be looking for this one as well.)

Gus received two of these free from work or I probably wouldn't have tried them. The ones he got were something like Jasmine Honeysuckle. My first thought was "Ewwww", because I don't like florals. But I thought I'd put them in two of our bathrooms anyway. I was pleasantly surprised. The scent was very light & refreshing - and you only get a whiff every now & then. I hate it when you get a face (and mouth) full of overpowering icky scent when you walk into a room - or when you put a fragrance device in a room and can't smell it at all. They last a long time, too. I've had them for 2 months and there is still about an inch of liquid in the bottles.

It looks like that scent has been discontinued (no biggie, LOL) - but there is a Anjou Pear Spice that is described as "the gentle sweetness of fresh fruit lingering  in a comforting blend of spices" - so I'd like to try that. I've looked at a couple of local stores, but I haven't been able to find this product on the shelves yet. I found a coupon in the Sunday paper for $2 off, so I assume eventually I'll find the diffusers in the store.

I love, love, love this in Cranberry Pear! I bought one of these several months ago and I think it was $9.99 at my grocery store. I had a coupon for $4 off, or I probably wouldn't have tried it. I can't find the burn hours on the website, but I think it lasted around 25-30 hours. This candle was an almost completely clean burn - there was barely a speck of wax left in the bottom. Love when that happens! Because the base can also be used as a lid, you can reuse the container.