The Green Hornet

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I know I'm really showing my age by saying this, but I remember watching "The Green Hornet" TV series. I think it may have been reruns, because I was only 5 years old when it originally aired - but still...

Gus & I went to see the movie the Friday it opened. I think we were at the 4:00pm showing and there really weren't that many people there - I'd say 20-25 tops.

The movie stars Seth Rogen as Britt Reid/The Green Hornet and Jay Chou as Kato, his assistant/sidekick. Basically, after Britt's father dies, Britt & Kato team up to fight crime. Of course, there are a few plot twists, and a lot of humor. Cameron Diaz plays Lenore, Britt's secretary.

Personally, Kato was my favorite character. If I remember correctly, I always liked Kato best in the series, too. Seth Rogen is funny, but he's another one of those comedians who gets on my nerves after awhile. I'm also not a huge Cameron Diaz fan. I did enjoy the movie - it was fun & funny. Not great - but good. I'd give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.