Summer festival

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gus & I went to one of the local church festivals this past weekend. I'll be honest - we haven't been to one for about 15 years. The parish we used to live in always had their festival the last weekend in July - when it was sweltering hot. And everything was on black asphalt, which made it even hotter. Plus it always seemed that we had to be out of town that weekend. So I think we took the kids once when they were little & that was the end of that, LOL.

Since the weather was so gorgeous last weekend (and my sciatica was keeping to a minimum), we thought it would be a good time to help out one of the local parishes and eat some festival food, LOL!

I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of the food!! We shared a burger from some place I can't remember the name of, LOL - it was pretty good. We also shared a Reuben from Izzy's - yum, yum, & more yum!! And we also shared a slice of pizza from one of the local pizza places that we had never tried - ick - won't be trying it again. I also had a frozen lime margarita, but I didn't share that. :-)

We walked around for awhile, checking out the kiddie rides, games, and  pony rides.

Gus decided to ty his hand at the golf game. If you made a hole-in-one (without banking), you got to split-the-pot. When we left, the pot was up to almost $90. Gus came close a couple of times - too bad it was golf & not horseshoes. :-)

Before we left, I told Gus he should buy $4 worth of pull-offs. You can see him making his purchase in the picture. We each took 8 cards, and after I had pulled 6 of mine without winning anything, I told him that he was no longer allowed to choose the pull-off cards since he only picked losing cards. Then I pulled the 7th card and won $25!! LOL!! I swear he planned that just so he could make me eat my words. :-)