AYU Vino Bronzing Mist 8%

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AYU has been in the sunless tanning business for many years, but they have a couple of new products available this year. One of those is the Vino Bronzing Mist (available in 8%, 10%, & 12%), which is the product I'm reviewing today.

This product was made to be applied with an airbrush or HVLP machine - but those of you who are familiar with sunless.com are aware that there are ways to apply this type of product without any fancy equipment or a partner. For this test, I used a microfiber car pad for application and put the solution in a 2 oz. spray bottle.

From the label:
Look good and feel better with unique Vino Bronzing mist to create the just-off-the-beach look, and feel better by knowing that it is made with locally grown Muscadine grape skin extract, Muscadine grape juice, & Grape seed oil. Developed for luxurious sunless tanning that achieves the most natural-looking tan even on the most fair skin. Quick drying, no stickiness and no developing odor and, most of all, receive all the benefits from our Grape escape treatment with Muscadine grapes which are naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins, & polyphenols.

Key ingredients:
Muscadine Grape Skin Extract
Muscadine Grape Juice
Grape Seed Oil
Hyaluronic Acid
Eco-certified DHA
Panthenol (B5)
Green Tea
Red Wine Powder
Vitamin E

SD-Alcohol free, paraben free, formaldehyde free, phthalate free, vegan

How many sunless tanning products have I tried that claim to be quick drying, non-sticky, and fragrance-free/no developing odor? So, so many. How many of those actually live up to those claims? I can count them on one hand and have fingers left over. But for me, this one lives up to all of it's claims. It dries completely within just a couple of minutes - with no residual stickiness. Not even in the bends of your elbows or knees!! Not even in 90 degree weather with a lot of humidity. No fragrance and no developing odor (athough the developing odor is usually related to individual body chemistry, so your results may vary)!! And you know how sometimes your skin will have that tight feeling the day after tanning? Not with this product! My skin felt soooo soft & smooth. Love it!

Consistency & appearance: This product has a slightly thickened consistency. It reminds me of the consistency of heavy whipping cream. It has a very dark colorguide (CG) that is espresso/purple - very neutral. According to Vibha at AYU, there is actually very little FD&C dye in the product - the dark tint comes from the dark color of the grape extract. It's very easy to apply - and dries extremely quickly, especially when you consider that this is a thicker product.

About my skin type & tanning: I am a Type I/II (I almost always burn, but I can get a very slight tan with a lot of patience.) I'm Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost white, with dark blonde hair and blue/green/gray eyes. My skin is pretty sensitive, so I have to be careful with certain ingredients - especially fragrance. When sunless tanning, my skin is atypical of a Type I/II in that I need at least 7.5-8% DHA to get decent color. Anything less than that usually gives me translucent color that tends to look orangish. I don't do well with drugstore products, and I prefer airbrush tanning solutions (ABS) to any other type of sunless tanner. Products with a dark CG can cause fading issues for me, so I usually counteract that by showering after 4-6 hours. This allows me to absorb the DHA without any staining from the CG.

(This is an old picture of my natural skin color vs. one coat of SUN UD. Yes, there is a bit of glare in the photo, but I assure you, my natural color really is that white-blue.)

Skin prep: I showered using Ulta's 3-in-1 Shower Smoothie (in Cocolada) and lightweight nylon exfoliating gloves (there are different types - these are very lightweight & minimally abrasive). After showering, I used Ulta's Shower Smoothie Hand & Body Cream (in Cocolada - and this is more like a thick lotion than a cream - it absorbs completely without any greasiness) to prep the areas that I know tend to "grab" the color - elbows, knees, ankles.

Application: After the lotion was absorbed, I began applying the AYU solution to one area at a time. I dampened the microfiber pad with a bit of water, then sprayed the solution onto the pad. I started with my left lower leg - skimming the pad over the surface of the skin - being careful not to apply too much pressure. I covered all areas evenly, but did not rub or blend too much. I continued with my left upper leg, then my right leg, arms, stomach, & chest. Gus helped me with my back. By the time I was finished with this, my legs were dry, so I started all over again, applying a second coat. For my feet, I put a pea-sized dollop of the Ulta lotion in my palm, added 5-6 sprays of the tanning solution - rubbed my hands together carefully to mix - applied to my left foot & repeated for the right foot. I carefully scrubbed my palms with soap & water to remove any traces of the tanner.

Next, I wiped my elbows, knees, & ankles with a damp washcloth to remove some of the tanning solution (since I know these areas tend to develop darker than the rest of my body). For my hands, I put a pea-sized dollop of the Ulta lotion in my palm, added 6-7 sprays of the tanning solution, and rubbed my hands together carefully to mix - then applied as if I was putting lotion all over my hands. When finished, I wiped my palms, nails & cuticles with a damp washcloth.

After an hour or two, I applied more lotion to my elbows, knees, ankles, feet, & hands - then wiped my palms with a dry paper towel.

After 4-6 hours, I showered off all of the tanning solution, then applied Ulta lotion all over.

My final color (after 24 hours) was nice, but I was able to see some staining from the dark CG. After a couple of days, I looked like I had lizard skin - but I didn't. This is what happens to me when I use a product with a dark CG. Because I have mature skin, it's not completely smooth. The CG tends to get down into those little "crevices" in the skin (that are not otherwise noticeable) - then when the surface skin starts to fade, the color stays dark in those "crevices", and it makes it look "scaly". This is not an issue related to just this product, but to every product with a dark CG used on my skin.

(Please note the differences in the color. This is what the differences in lighting, cameras, & monitors produce. So you may not even be perceiving the color as it actually looked in real life. In reality, the color wasn't quite as dark as the first pictures, nor was it as light as the last picture. Keep this in mind when viewing tans online or in photos.)

I was determined to find a way to make this product work for me - because I like the color a lot and love the way it makes my skin feel. So I decided to try tweaking the application routine. (This is important!!! If a product doesn't work for you, it's not necessarily the product's fault - you may just need to tweak your application method!) This time, I prepped & applied the same way as before, but after 2 hours, I applied the Ulta lotion all over - essentially "diluting" the CG on my skin, without removing the product. (Note: if you do this, you will need to carefully scrub your palms to avoid staining. They will look purple/brown!)  I also used Kardashian Glamour Tan on my hands & feet instead of the VBM. (I'll do a review on that soon.) Then after 4 hours, I showered everything off and applied more lotion.

After 18 hours, the color was really nice - a little lighter than usual, but really nice. And there was no visible staining from the colorguide. Even a couple of days later, it looked good. I lightly exfoliated & reapplied on Day 3 - with the same great results.

  • I purchased this product myself & was not asked to do a review by AYU.
  • I received no compensation for reviewing this product.
  • This product was an 8% solution, and I usually use a 10% solution - so I expected my color to be a bit lighter than usual. I do have some 10% here that I will be trying soon.
  • I also intend to try this product using the MaxiMist HVLP to apply. When I do, I will add an update & pictures.
Product info:
4 oz. (available in 8%, 10%, 12%) - $6.50

8 oz.
8% - $20.92
10% - $21.86
12% -$24.00

Other sizes also available: 32 oz., 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon

Repurchase? Yes!


E said...

It looks great Kim! I've gotten away from sunless tanning the past two summers, too busy with kids. But this looks so good maybe I'll give it a try!

Kim said...

Thanks! The great thing about this one is the fact that it dries so quickly. So even if you only have 10 minutes to tan, you can do it & be completely dry by the time you leave the bathroom!