And the forecast is...snow, snow, and more snow!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It was 12 inches of snow for our area last week. And now, another 12 inches of snow this week. Yep, we have 24 inches of snow. There is this little area where the rain is always more, the snow is always more, and the wind is always more. And I live right in the middle of it. It's great in the summer, when it's hot, because we always have a nice breeze. But not so great in the winter when we get more snow than the surrounding areas.
It doesn't look like 2 feet of snow, but it is!

piles and piles of snow...
our driveway after my husband shoveled it 4 times
Riley is finally ready to come inside!

What a mess this is all going to be when it finally melts. Ugh. No point in cleaning the carpets until it's all gone. Tonight, I'm planning to make some hot cocoa with peppermint Schnapps & whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate. That should warm me up and keep my mind off of the impending melting mess!