From Paris With Love

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just got back from seeing From Paris with Love with my husband and son. Loved it!! Jam-packed with action (and lots of violence & blood, so don't bring the kiddies), and lots of smart-ass humor - my favorite! I love John Travolta - whether he's singing & dancing or playing a crazy bad guy or just being a wise ass.

I will say that the movie was somewhat predictable - I figured it out in the first 10 minutes (much to my husband's dismay - no one wants to sit beside me at the theater!). And I did occasionally wonder if I was watching John Travolta as Charlie Wax or Bruce Willis as John McClain. But I didn't expect the movie to be deep & thought-provoking, so I wasn't disappointed. I can definitely see them doing a sequel.

So for a fun, action-packed movie, I'd say it's a winner!

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can watch it here.


Jessica said...

We liked it too, though I liked the 2nd half much better than the first.

Kim said...

Yeah, the first half hour especially was a little slow. Right up until John Travolta's character was introduced, LOL!