What to buy, what to buy...

Monday, February 22, 2010

I have in my possession a $50 giftcard for Sephora. Yay, me! Problem is, I'm having trouble deciding what to buy! Usually, I have a wishlist a mile long, but for some reason, I just don't know what I want this time.

After much searching (I'm typing this about 3 hours after starting this post, LOL), I think I've decided on a lipstick. (Surprise!) I wanted to get another Christian Dior Delicious Truth Sheer Lipstick, but apparently they've been discontinued - as is often the case when I find a product I really like! Why is that? Argh.

Korres Mango Butter lipstick - Natural Pink

I like Korres Mango Butter Lipstick with SPF 10 - I have it in Natural Pink. I love how it's creamy, glossy, & very moisturizing. I think I'll try the Korres Guava Lipstick in Natural Pink. It's supposed to be a bit more matte, but still moisturizing - and the color appears to be a little lighter than the Natural Pink in the Mango Butter Lipstick.

Korres Guava lipstick - Natural Pink

I wish that the Korres Limited Edition Mango Lip Collection wasn't so orange. It's a great deal - 3 full-size lipsticks for $21 - they're normally $18 each! But after reading the reviews on makeupalley.com, I know there is no way I can pull off these colors.

Korres Mango Butter Trio - Russet, Coral, Orange Red

My husband had recently tried a sample of LaCoste Essential cologne - and I really liked it a lot. So I'm going to get a bottle of that for him. After all, it's kind of for me, too, right? Nothing like a good-smelling man.  :-)

LaCoste Essential cologne for men

If you like a nice, clean scent for your man, I recommend this one. My other favorites are Acqua Di Gio, Polo Black, Ralph Lauren Romance, and those types of scents. The LaCoste fragrance is still one of the free samples being offered at Sephora right now. I like to use my free samples to get cologne samples for him - it's gives him a nice variety, and he gets to try lots of different scents for free. (And it gives me a good excuse to order from Sephora, right?)


Jessica said...

Ha! I just bought DH a bottle of cologne and told him that it was for me too. :)

Kim said...

Mine asked me if I was trying to tell him he was smelly, LOL. I said "no" - I just like to sniff him when he's wearing good-smelling stuff. :-)

Rachael said...

I also have a $50 g.c. and I've been trying to decide what to get...they have a lot of neat little clearance items. I almost make it a game to see how much I can get for my money! haha! I've been waiting for an exciting code, too.

And what is it with your faves always getting discontinued?

Kim said...

I made out like a bandit on my last order - I got several sale/clearance items and of course I used a code to get more free stuff. I used a code this time for a free mascara - I just wasn't as lucky finding reduced items that I wanted! LOL!