Monday, February 22, 2010

Collecting Italian pottery is one of my hobbies. I especially love miniature pitchers, but I also buy larger pitchers and vases. My favorite style is sgraffito - there's just something about the texture that appeals to me. If you're not familiar with sgraffito, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as "a technique of ornamentation in which a surface layer of paint, plaster, slip, etc., is incised to reveal a ground of contrasting color".

The taller vase in the center was purchased on Etsy; the other pieces were purchased on eBay. I don't think I've ever paid more than $20 for any pottery - and that includes shipping. So the prices are quite reasonable if you're willing to wait until the right piece comes along.

 some of my Italian sgraffito pottery

you can see the details a little better in this photo

more detail here

and also here

Another favorite piece that I purchased off eBay is this unusual vase. It isn't etched quite as deeply as the other pieces, but the colors are gorgeous. I keep this one on my living room mantel.



There is just something about these pieces that make me smile - and that's what a hobby/collection should do! My husband laughs at me - I'm not sure if it's because I'm buying things that someone else wants out of their house or if it's because I get so excited when I find a new piece. To me, Etsy & eBay are like worldwide yard sales. What's odd is that I abhor yard/garage sales! It's not snobbery that makes me feel that way - it's childhood trauma from my mother being the Yard Sale Queen. I think she still holds the title. We joke that if you need anything, ask Mom before you buy it - chances are she has one packed in her "to sell" stuff or she just bought one at a yard sale yesterday. The woman could seriously open a general store. So Etsy & eBay are my dirty little secrets - and I can shop there because I can shop "anonymously".

What do you collect that makes you smile?


Rachael said...

Those are beautiful! My Mom could also be considered the yard sale queen, lol! I used to hate them, but I enjoy the occasional one every now and then.

I collect Eiffel Towers and Paris memorabilia, Red Rose Tea figurines, all things strawberry,snow globes, and lambs/sheep!

Kim said...

Thank you! And it's good to know my mom isn't the only addict. LOL!

One of my other passions is snowmen - I'll probably do a post about them when winter rolls around again (I'm pretending that it's not still here!).