Sunday, February 28, 2010

I came across an article about Soles4Souls in the April 1 issue of Woman's Day - it caught my interest, so I went to their website to check it out. I had never heard of them - but I won't forget them now.

Soles4Souls was founded by Wayne Elsey in 2004, after a tsunami hit Southeast Asia. In a nutshell, the organization gives shoes to those in need. They accept monetary donations as well as donations of new and used shoes. Soles4Souls has distributed over 7 million pairs of shoes to people in 125 countries.

Last year, Americans threw out more than 300 million pairs of shoes. Shoes that put toxic glue into our landfills - shoes that could be given to so many people in need.

You can donate money online - and you can buy shoes (on their site) to be donated. You can send them any new or used shoes. You can search for locations near you that serve as drop-off points for shoe donations.

Shoes are near & dear to my heart - and I know that I have some that I don't wear. I plan to go through my shoes (and have my son & daughter go through their shoes) to see what I can donate. I hope that some of you will consider doing the same and making a donation to either Soles4Souls or a local charity/women's shelter. 

You can become a fan of Soles4Souls on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and see them on YouTube.


Jessica said...

We always donate our old shoes. I will keep this in mind for next time though. Thanks!

Kim said...

I usually give my clothes & shoes to my nieces/mom/sister - but what doesn't go to them, goes to Goodwill. I don't think I could actually throw a pair of shoes away! LOL!