Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I showed you my new floral flats from Target yesterday - so I thought I'd share all of my other new shoe purchases, too.

I needed a pair of comfy flip-flops for summer - specifically for a trip to Cedar Point. They needed to be comfy, yet offer some support so I could wear them all day. I initially ordered two pairs of Teva flip-flops from DSW (the Mush & the Mandalyn Wedge) - that was a total bust. They were comfy enough, but goodness, they were so manly, LOL! I really disliked the wide straps. So I returned them to the DSW store and spent almost an hour trying on other shoes. I finally settled on these Tommy Hilfiger flip-flops ($25) - the straps aren't as wide as the Tevas, and the polka dots make them a little more feminine. The footbed is extremely comfy & seems to offer some support, too:



I also bought a pair of Impo sandals ($35) that are casual enough to be worn with jeans or shorts, but could also be worn with a skirt or dress. They're much cuter on than they are in the picture, and they're very comfy. 



Then a couple of weeks ago, I bought a couple of pairs of Michael Kors shoes from (I blogged about the specials that day - they were $24.95 each). They both fit perfectly and are pretty comfy. I was surprised that the heels were so comfy because of the height.





And another pair of flats from Target - these were on clearance for less than $5. They look very "metallic" in the picture - and they are metallic - but they are a "matte" metallic. The color is a really pretty pewter.



Have you found any great shoe deals? Or just cute shoes you couldn't live without?