The first blush of spring...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well, actually, it's the second blush, since I already made one. (You can see it here.) But "Second Blush of Spring" doesn't sound as nice, so I'm going to call it "First Blush of Spring" anyway, LOL!

I bought four more Aromaleigh blush samples - Pixie, Innocence, Tenderkiss, and Ethereal. The descriptions (taken partially from the Aromaleigh website) are as follows:
  • Pixie - soft, sheer pink with the slightest silvery shimmer
  • Innocence - softest warm coral with golden satin iridescent highlights
  • Tenderkiss - cool kiss of pink
  • Ethereal - very pale mauve with iridescent highlight

I love all of these colors, but I have difficulty wearing each of them alone because they're either too pale or too "cool". So I'm hoping that by mixing them, I can create a blush that will work for me. I tried to keep the tones similar to those in Benefit's Sugarbomb.

Ooh! I love it! Such a pretty color - and lots of shimmer, too. I think this will work really well for summer.

It looks a little pale when you see it swatched on my hand (I'm wearing bronzer) - but when it's blended - it leaves a really pretty rosy color!

There is a good bit of blush on my hand - I wouldn't apply that much to my face, but I wanted you to be able to see the color. This looks more pink than the last one I made...

So I think the new one will work for a lighter tan or for when I want pink rather than peach. I know I'll wear them both!

First Blush of Spring recipe
1 part Aromaleigh Pixie Pure Rouge
1 part Aromaleigh Innocence Pure Rouge
1 part Aromaeigh Tenderkiss Pure Rouge
1 part Aromaleigh Ethereal Pure Rouge

And remember - you can get generous samples of the Aromaleigh Pure Rouge for $2 each - and if you only order samples, you can select free shipping.