Thursday's Blog

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Everyone needs a reason to smile - and this Thursday's blog is so very smile-worthy! I love animals - and I frequently assign human emotions & speech to my pets, LOL. So it stands to reason that I would be vastly amused by a blog that belongs to a sassy pug princess.

(photo courtesy of

Wilma the Pug - the musings, antics, and general escapades of a royal pug and her minions...

The pictures range from adorable to hilarious - and the captions always make me laugh. As an animal lover and a pet owner, I can relate to it all, LOL! Be sure to read Wilma's birthday post; and the post about Sluggo's Lil Buddy is pretty funny, too. This blog is proof that a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you love animals and think pugs are so ugly they're cute, you should definitely check out Wilma's blog. It's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!