Delux Beauty Liquid Bronze

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today I'm reviewing Delux Beauty's Liquid Bronze. I purchased mine from for $8.09 (orig. price $32). I did a search and found it at for $16, but I think this is another discontinued product. As a matter of fact, I wonder if the company is now defunct because I can't get their website to work at all.

This is the little marketing spiel had about the product:
"Come summer time, we all desire a healthy sun-kissed hue. Now you can achieve that just back-from-the-beach glow thanks to Delux Beauty's new Liquid Bronze , without having to step foot in the sun. Delux Beauty's Liquid Bronze, a sister product to the popular Liquid Pearl, warms up your skin to give it a radiant almost tan look. Easy to blend, Liquid Bronze is a perfect match for all skin tones, even the fairest complexions and it's a great head-to-toe treat for skin. Thanks to a hydrating cocktail of hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil, this sheer bronzing lotion moisturizes and illuminates skin. Infused with super subtle, light-reflecting particles, Liquid Bronze minimizes minor imperfections, delivers a soft, sun-kissed look and evens out skin tone. Lightweight and non-greasy, Liquid Bronze is perfect for use on both face and body for that sexy, "lit-from-within" glow."

For the most part, that is an apt description of the product. But I wouldn't call the light-reflecting particles "super-subtle". This product has major, major pearlized sheen/shimmer - and not much in the way of "tan" color. I think it's really unnatural looking when applied alone - but mixed with another product, it could be lovely. I think even mixing it with a lotion would be nice. It would give your skin a pretty glow!

As you can see in the pictures, applied alone, it's pretty shiny. But in the last picture, I added a little of the Bourjois Illuminating Gel that I reviewed yesterday and that gave it a really nice color.

The consistency is light, creamy, and easy to apply. It dries fairly quickly and doesn't leave a tacky feeling. But unfortunately, it has absolutely no water-resistance at all. I'm having problems understanding why all of these companies make bronzers and tout their use for summer - you know, when it's hot and you sweat and/or spend time at the beach/pool? - yet they offer no water-resistance. WTF?

To summarize:
  • lightweight consistency
  • easy to apply
  • dries quickly
  • no odor
  • no water-resistance
  • too shimmery to use alone
  • doesn't give skin enough color
Possibly (if it's still available) - but only to mix with another product.