Monday's cupcakes?

Monday, May 17, 2010

I totally forgot to do a "Monday's Meal" I'm just going to post pictures of cupcakes!

These are some that I made - and I am in love with the cute little polka-dot liners from Bake Me Pretty! These first four pictures are chocolate cupcakes (with mini chocolate chips) topped with vanilla buttercream frosting that I made to take to a class reunion.

The three cupcakes pictured below are made from leftover mix/frosting from Lulu's birthday cupcakes - I was just goofing off, trying to use up the leftovers. They're yellow cupcakes - some of them had mini chocolate chips and some were plain - topped with vanilla buttercream frosting.

And this last cupcake is one that I purchased at Servatii's bakery - it was called "Chocolate Coma". And boy, did it live up to it's name!

Happy Monday, everyone!


Jessica said...

Cute cupcakes! That chocolate one certainly does look like it might induce a coma, haha. YUM!!