Glow Getter bronzer

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes, it's another bronzer review! This time, I'm reviewing Soap & Glory's Glow Getter Face & Body Sun Powder Spray. I purchased this at my local Target - a 3.3 oz. can is $14.95. This product was brought to my attention by a friend (thanks, Chelly!) who read about it in the June 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

I photographed the ingredient list, which you can see below. Even though fragrance is found around the middle of the list, I really didn't notice too much scent. However, I only applied the product to a buffing brush and then to my hands. I'm sure if you sprayed it enough to cover your legs, you'd notice more of a scent.

More pictures of the product box - the first shows the instructions, and the second was amusing, so I thought I'd include it, LOL!

In the picture below, I'm wearing 3-day-old self-tanner. My hand looks pretty pale - until you see the really white skin where my watch band has rubbed off the self-tanner! Now that's pale!

I used the brush pictured below to apply the bronzer to my hand. I shook the can, then sprayed a small amount on the brush, then immediately started buffing it onto my hand and wrist. The product dried quickly, so I had to work quickly to apply it evenly.

And here is the "after" picture! I was very impressed with this product's ability to make the color on my hand and wrist look both natural and even.

My impressions:
I think this product could end up looking like makeup if you applied it too heavily. I think you would have to spray it on pretty evenly before blending in order for it to look good. I think the color matched my tan well, but I'm not sure how well it would work on completely pale skin.

I didn't notice any rub-off from this product at all. I also found it to have good water-resistance. I ran water over the back of my hand for 30 seconds, (the water beaded) then patted my hand dry with a paper towel. There was no bronzer residue on the towel. I then ran water over my hand for another 30 seconds, (the water still beaded) and dried my hand normally with a paper towel (I didn't rub hard, but I didn't just pat it either). Again, there was no bronzer residue on the towel. Impressive! After several hours, and several hand washings (with soap), I did notice that my fingers were now lighter than the rest of my hand.

To summarize:
  • water-resistant
  • color is natural
  • dries quickly
  • no rub-off
  • not too shimmery nor too matte
  • could be difficult to apply evenly
  • may look like makeup if applied too heavily
  • out of stock online & may be difficult to find locally
Yes. I still don't like it as well as MAC Skinsheen, but it's one of the top contenders for a replacement. I'm going back to Target to see if the last can is still there!