New shoes!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I got these Report Moxee flats from DSW a couple of weeks ago after debating whether or not to get them for over a week. I love them! They're cute with both skirts and jeans, the leather is really soft, and the shoes are sooooo comfy!

After reading reviews, I originally ordered a size 7 - my regular size. But when they arrived, they were a little too snug. I felt like they pushed my foot forward so that the peeptoe cut-out hurt my big toe. So I took them to my local DSW and exchanged them for a full size larger (the 7.5's still felt a little uncomfortable for walking) - much better!

They also have this style with a heel:

I just happened to notice that Payless has a similar pair for half the price (if you don't mind that they're faux leather):

And yes, Gus did tell me that I couldn't buy any more shoes until I had worn all of the ones I already own. I rolled my eyes to that, remember?? I've already worn these shoes several times, so I think I'm off the hook (at least this time, anyway).