Thursday's Blog

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Thursday's blog is another "girly" blog - yay for girly things!! It's all about another one of my favorite girly things - nail polish!!

I can't tell you how many bottles of nail polish I've purchased just to get them home and find out that they look nothing like they appear in the bottle. Sigh. What a waste of time and money! They should have tester bottles!

Scrangie's blog is all about seeing actual pictures of the polish on her nails! It's so awesome! I admit, her nails scare me a little bit - but I can look past that, LOL.

I am fascinated by all of the polishes she shows - I had no idea there were so many lines of nail polish! The most recent one to hold me mesmerized is this:

I'm not a fan of nail art, and I wouldn't do this on my fingernails - but I'm imagining this on toenails for summer! Maybe in a hot pink and white or coral and yellow. Maybe even pink on pink. Or with a different design. But I think it would look cute with a tan and sandals - especially at the beach!
 (I like the two little flowers above the "m3" - they look like the tattoo on my toe!)

The plates are available from Konad - and the cost is $5.90 each. There are 7 designs on each plate. And there are SOOOOO many designs from which to choose!! The stamping kit is $4.90 and includes the stamper and scraper. The plate holder is $2.50. They also offer some kits - from reasonable to pricey. The special polish (used for the design) is $3.90 for a 5ml bottle or $6.50 for a 10ml bottle.

This shows how to apply the nail art. And this is a video showing how to apply. I think I could do this with a little practice. Anyone else game to give it a try? Or has anyone already tried it?