Botox - Day 14 update

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's been 2 weeks since I had the Botox injections and I can say without a doubt that it was a success! I can still move my forehead and eyebrows, but I cannot make the frowning motion that caused the line between my eyebrows. My forehead/eyes in no way look "frozen" or "like a mask". There is still plenty of movement when I talk - and all of my facial expressions are still there - except for the frowning motion that makes the line between my eyes, LOL.

(You can read the original post here.)

Picture comparisons:

before Botox injections

Day 7 after Botox

Day 14 after Botox

frowning - Day 4 after Botox

frowning - Day 7 after Botox

frowning - Day 14 after Botox

Day 14 - no, this isn't how I look, LOL - I'm just
showing you how I can raise my eyebrows!

As you can see, the line between my eyebrows is barely noticeable now. I suspect it will eventually disappear. My eyebrows have a really nice arch now - and I love that. I'll keep you updated on how long the results last. I think I'll take a weekly picture so I can compare and see when things start to "revert".


Jessica said...

Wow!! Looks great! :)

Kim said...

Thank you! I'm really pleased with the results!

Rachael said...

Wow - it does look great! Thanks for the update!