Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yes, yes - I've been missing in action again...but this time it's all Gus's fault.

Last week, Gus had some issues with one of his teeth, and made an appointment to see the dentist on Monday. Then on Friday, the tooth really started bothering him. Actually, it was so bad that he couldn't chew and had to get prescription pain meds.

So I spent the weekend babying taking care of Gus.

On Monday, I went to the dentist with him, where we found out that he needed a root canal & crown. Since the dentist thought it might be pretty involved, he wanted Gus to go to an endodontist for the root canal. Gus was a bit nervous since he's scared of the dentist never had any dental work done. I told him that once the root canal was done, the only pain he would feel would be in his wallet.

On Tuesday, I went to the endodontist with him. This guy was good - Gus had no pain and was finished in about 20-30 minutes. But...the tooth has a hairline fracture in it, so he still can't chew on that side until the crown is put on...and the dentist won't do the crown for 10 days because he wants to make sure the root canal "worked". So back Gus'll go in 10 days...for a temporary crown. Then 2 weeks after that he'll go back for the permanent crown. Did I mention that the dentist's office (and the endodontist's office) is a 45 minute drive - each way?

Today he went back to work. Wednesday is normally my cleaning day - but today I spent most of it playing catch-up from the past 4 days. So all of those blog posts I had planned for the weekend & early this week? Well, they didn't get posted. I promise I'll get to them ASAP!!